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You are welcome to estimate the first gallery Pligg 1.0 template available for free download. This theme is distinguished by the possibility to implement a voting within your picture gallery. To enable this feature you should take into account several requirements which include using star voting and uploading picture module. Though now only one picture voting is available the development of this gallery template goes on and soon will be able to use more extended voting facility, insert ads, links and make use of other useful feature to enhance your Pligg-powered website.

free pligg template

Download Wistie Gallery Template

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If you are going to establish professional website powered by Pligg open source CMS this template will undoubtedly become your one-stop solution. Its simple but eye-catching design made of blue color will provide your website with vivid and exclusive look which will be to the taste of any visitor. Moreover, Experience Pligg Theme is available for free so you can download it using the link under the cut.

free pligg template

View Pligg Template »

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You’ve seen a lot of beautiful Pligg templates created by web developers of different skills and experience. Perhaps, you want to try your hand at developing Pligg designs as well? Then take a look at the quick tips we have prepared for you today!

First we should say that Pligg makes use of Template Lite - a sort of Smarty template engine. If you want to use CSS, Javascript, PHP or CSS code within your .tpl files you need to provide a special markup for the Smarty code:

- for CSS and Javascript: you should use a {literal} tag at the beginning and a {/literal} tag in the end
- for PHP: you must put the {/php} in the place of the closing tag



<script type=”text/javascript”>
document.write(”Hello World!”);


<style type=”text/css”>
.example {font-weight:bold;}


echo ‘Hello World!”;

5 Main Pligg Template Files

A lot of beginners who start creating Pligg template may be confused by the number of .tpl files used by Pligg as there are up to 40 of them. These files are responsible for every little element every designer might be eager to use but don’t worry - you don’t have to edit all of these files for a successful look of your template. You can modify only 5 main template files and in the shortest time your website will look unmatched.

1. Pligg.tpl
This type of template files is responsible for the main layout control and comprises most of the data contained in the header.

2. Header.tpl
This file allows to navigate the published, upcoming and submit pages and i used for wrapping the breadcrumb, search box and the category.

3. Sidebar.tpl (and sidebar2.tpl)
These two types of files are responsible for the sidebar content. It is divided in two files in order for you to choose whether you want to have two sidebars or use the second one.

4. Footer.tpl
This template file is used for the content of your website footer, particularly for contact information, site links and credits.

5. Link_summary.tpl
Link_summary.tpl file is for implementing the styling of the story data which includes the story page, upcoming page, profile page, group page or third submission step page. It possesses a lot of features and is considered to be one of the most complicated template files but if you will take your time and read the code thoroughly you won’t find it difficult to understand the layout of the template.

Understanding the Language File

Another aspect that deserves special attention concerns the way Pligg uses the language elements. In order to support the most of the languages the words and phrases were put into a single file which is usually located in the /languages directory. Comprising all the language elements in one file makes it easier for you to find the very word or phrase you might be eager to change within your template. Moreover, it simplifies the process of translation as well.

These are only the basics of Pligg template creation process. For more tips and tutorials you should read the Pligg Wiki articles. Besides, these articles are editable so every user may implement some changes within them if necessary or add his/her own useful tips to the collection! Join, contribute, create!

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This is a new Pligg template called Mystique and available for free download. The template possesses nice design and is distinguished by advanced functionality features which makes it a perfect basis for any kind of website you are going to start up.

free pligg template



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Pligg is happy to announce another template release - Pligg Boarding Theme created under the standard skin. The template is distinguished by nice blue-silver design and a huge banner header you can change whenever you like or even remove it and place an ordinary logo instead. Pligg Boarding Theme possesses valid CSS, XHTML and works best in IE 7/8 and Firefox 2.00 and up.

free pligg template



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Pliggmeme is a simple and inspiring free Pligg template from Tweetmeme. It is distinguished by clean design accomplished in light pleasant-to-the-eye colors. Pliggmeme is based on the Silverbullet and possesses ease at customization so you can edit it according to your particular likings.

In order to install Pliggmeme template you need to follow several steps:

1. Backup modules directory

2. Extract and upload templates and modules directories to your Pligg site root. in case some files already exist you need to overwrite them.

3. Install the template from Admin > Configure > Templates and edit the template value to “silverbullet”.

4. Enter your Pligg Admin panel and click “Delete Template Cache”.

pliggmeme template



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Pligg Content Management System 1.0.1 update is now available granting all Pligg fans with new features and facilities. One of the largest improvements this version maintains concerns 5 start voting method. Now it will show each vote number this or that user gave instead of the average numbers like before, and display them within the voting history page.There is also an unvoting option which means that the users are allowed to remove their votes if they want to with the help of special “Unvote” button.

New 1.0.1 Pligg release is also known to possess a great number of smaller fixes so it is recommended to upgrade your previous Pligg version to the new one. You can view the changelog on the official Pligg 1.0.1 forum thread.

pligg 1.0.1

Download Pligg 1.0.1


Silverbullet is a free easy to use template for the latest version of Pligg. The layout possesses simple design and is distinguished by four stylesheets of different colors which can be changed without difficulties according to your likings - whether you want it to be blue, green,orange or purple.

In order to change the color of the Silverbullet Template you need to follow several simple steps:

1. Open pligg.tpl and find “s_blue.css”.
2. Replace the current color with one you like from the following:


green silverbullet purple silverbullet blue silverbullet orange silverbullet


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The new Standard Template is a free 2 column layout for Pligg which allows to vote on stories UP and DOWN, which means that now negative numbers may appear as well as positive ones.

There are two arrows which point up and down, so when you cick on one of them the number of votes increase or decrease correspondingly. In order to be published the story should get a certain amount of positive clicks which is set by the administartor in the Pligg admin panel.

As soon as the story gets enough votes it is placed in the publish section and remains there regardless of the negative clicks it may then receive.

standard template

Download Pligg Standard Template

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Pligg is happy to announce its new version release! Plig 1.0.0 is considered to be more stable, secure and also maintains more useful features than the previous version. What is not less pleasant - you can have this marvellous upgrade for free!

Apart from traditional bug fixes beginning from Plig 1.0.0 there will be changes to the template files so the templates will continue working as updates are released. In case you run beta version 9.9.5 it is recommended to upgrade to 1.0.0 in order for your to be sure you are using the most secure Pligg version.

One of the most striking features of Pligg 1.0.0 release is that it supports 3 languages. This means that during the process of Pligg 1.0.0 installation you are allowed to choose any language you like from 3 offered ones: English, German and Thai. After you have selected the language you prefer to work with, it will be applied to the entire Pligg site and admin panel.

If you want to have your Pligg translated to another language you are welcome to join the Pligg Translator Google Group.